captivate started with a passion to help real estate agents stand out from the competition and captivate their audience.

we are a husband + wife team who started out as real estate agents and made the transition to photography. since 2014, we have photographed thousands of homes and had the pleasure of working with hundreds of accomplished agents. In that same time we've had two wonderful children, charlie and bear.

selah velez, our director of operations, has been our photographer for 2+ years now and has taken on the job of looking after and building captivate with us. we'd love for you to join our story!

- nolan + danni robinson



i've worked for danni and nolan for over two years now. they've welcomed me into their family and their business. now, they trust me with captivate and i am humbled to take on the challenge. i am determined to give the best client care that i can and curate beautiful content for our customers.

i love architecture, interior design, and aesthetics of any kind. it's been my dream to have a career that values creativity and art. i am also in school for my master in psychology at uwt to carry out my interest in human connection and mental illnesses.

i can't wait to meet you and start working on your future listings!

Nolan, Danni, Charlie, and Bear

nolan and i got married in 2015. nolan loves to capture all of our family moments, he is always excited to add new videos to our family vlog, my favorite days are spent with our two adorable children. when I have the opportunity to photograph a memory, I am always grateful. charlie is two years old and full of life. her favorite activities are ballet, gymnastics, and soccer. this september, we welcomed baby bear. He's a precious and quiet baby, taking after nolan. we'd love for you to follow our journey!

- danni robinson